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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is the company’s ability to combine business with care for the environment and society; to create a diverse and flexible company welfare, where economic choices are integrated with social and environmental ones, is the real challenge DLM members confront daily. In this respect, DLM has always been inspired by the guidelines of the Social Accountability International (SAI) and committed in particular to:

exclude child labour and forced labour

recognize working hours not in conflict with the law

pay a decent salary to the worker, working member and partner

ensure freedom of trade union association

ensure workers’ rights to be protected by collective bargaining

ensure workplace safety

ensure workplace health

prevent any discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, political, sexual or religious inclination

In the same vein, DLM has been for many years supporting the non-profit organisation "A'voce d''e creature" that actively strives to assist young people coming from disadvantaged families through: educational projects, support services, opportunities for social aggregation and cultural integration, guidance to occupational placement.

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